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Understanding and Managing Stress


Stress is a normal response to a threatening situation.  In this training we begin to explore the evolution of stress and help develop understanding of why our brains often keep us in 'threat' mode.  We look at how to develop some strategies so that we can manage these feelings and cope with associated negative thoughts and difficult feelings. 

We are able to make the masterclass bespoke to your organisations needs


  • Gain an overview of stress models
  • Begin to look at strategies such as expansion, cognitive diffusion and being present
  • More in depth training provides the opportunity to practice strategies such as breathing, mindfulness, and riding the waves of emotion

Suitable for

The bitesize course is a great overview of stress and some simple strategies are discussed. 

The masterclass is recommended for all staff as a way of building psychological resilience and more in depth skills around managing stress.  It is a combination of didactic and experiential training.

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