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Relaxation and Breathing


In a busy world most of us find it a challenge to have time to ourselves to practice good self care.  We know that learning to 'sooth' ourselves is an important factor in good mental health but we find this hard to prioritise.  This training will look at the 3 systems model of mental health and show you why we need to help sooth ourselves through relaxation and breathing.  

We will share the bio-psyho model of breathing and help you understand how to use breathing to reduce adrenaline and to calm down your nervous system.  We will practice diaphragmatic extended exhale breathing patterns in a group and then will trouble shoot any challenges or difficulties around this.  We will discuss relaxation and finish with a different types on mindful breathing and relaxation session. 


  • Gain an understanding of why soothing is important to good mental health 
  • Gain practical experience of diaphragmatic breathing exercises as a way to reduce adrenaline
  • Looking at setting goals to obtain more balance in your life

Suitable for

This course is recommended for anyone who would like to improve anxiety management symptoms and gain greater balance in their lives.

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