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Understanding Vicarious Trauma


In some workplaces employees can be exposed to secondary traumatisation.  This is often referred to as Vicarious trauma.  This is when you do not directly witness the trauma but you work with the trauma victims, are surrounded by trauma or violence regularly.  This means that you absorb and integrate disturbing aspects of trauma experiences into your own functioning.

It is well recognised that social workers, healthcare professionals, first responders, police, solicitors and other allied healthcare professionals are at greater risk from vicarious trauma. However, we are now seeing other professionals significantly impacted by this type of trauma.  Consequences may include burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety and depression.  



  • Overview of vicarious trauma
  • Introdcution to keeping a safe workforce
  • Discussion of common signs, symptoms and the impact on the indivdual and the organisation. 
  • More in-depth training includes latest preventative strategies including psychological first aid and psychologically appropriate de-briefs.   We also explore the current recommended therapies and how to support yourselves and each other.   

Suitable for

This course is designed for anyone who is exposed in their workplace to any direct or indirect trauma.   

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